Nikko-Yuba  HIMEMASU-Salmon


 It is new, it is tasty, you can experience!

   Tel    81-80-7091-3200

       Mobile phone for reservation and inquiries,




Question form

※ It takes a bit of effort to book by e-mail

People in a hurry may take time to reply, so it is better to use the telephone.

Parking :  Private Free 10 cars (please tell the purport of parking available at the time of booking)

Regular holiday:   Thursday

※ There is the case that in addition, I am rest. Please see the page of the calendar for details.

Credit card  : VISA MasterCard Diners Club  American Express  JCB

QR  Alipay

There are a total seat number 40 seats parlor seat

Banquet maximum number of people 30 people (when seated)

Charter possible number of people 25 people to 30 people

Store we have become entirely non smoking

 Visiting in wheelchairs and toilet accessible ※ The use of the toilet requires a person who attendant

Chairs for children, tableware for children, place of diaper changing, please multiply your voice to staff.

Pets are will be refused

 Wi-Fi (FLET spot) are available.

Allergies and halal. Ingredients and regulations such as Shojinkessai,

It will also correspond to 40 people following organizations like, but you will need a reservation.

Please feel free to contact us because we will correspond to customize as much as possible.

Opening of shop time

11:30〜21:00 Winter16:00  Lunch 11:30〜14:30

Last order 20:00      17:00Later only reservation

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